Please allow me to introduce myself!

13 Apr

My name is Kay and off the bat I have one (tiny!) confession to make as I introduce myself, I am not yet a housewife. Actually for the next 87 days I am not even a wife! One thing I am, however, is a prep and almost housewife. My Fiance M and I live in suburban Connecticut as I plan our preppy destination wedding in Key West. I will admit that most of my fabulous preppy finds will be wedding related for the next three months. I promise it won’t be forever and I will move on, I need something to get myself over the inevitable post wedding blues!

My favorite things in life (other than M obviously!) are Lilly Pulitzer dresses, flip flops, and decorating our home as a beach house even though we live on a river and not a beach. It pains me everyday that we live on a river and not on a beach, and I will probably mention this often. For this I apologize in advance, but this preppy (almost!) house wife is seriously pining for a re-location closer to the shore!

That’s all the intro time I have for today, but rest assured I will return with some fabulous preppy finds shortly.

xo Kay


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