These are a few of my Favorite Things….Part One

13 Apr

Today I am going to share the first five of my Top Ten Favorite Things:) These are listed in no particular order and I love them all.

1) Jack Roger Sandals. Seriously, they can be worn with anything, they never go out of style, and they come in enough colors that that you can fill a closet with them. Plus anything that can come monogrammed is OK with me!

Jack Roger Navajo Sandal

2) Vineyard Vines Tote Bags. I love the different options for the silk along the top of your beautifully crafted tote. Everything from the patchwork tote, the classic, and the minis are a go-to item. My most recent purchase was the pink canvas tote with patchwork handles, and I (of course) love it! My favorite print to date is the “lobster roll”.

Vineyard Whale Classic Tote

3) VitaTops. These delicious 100 calorie muffin tops are made by Vitalicious. You get your vitamins and minerals for the day and they taste awesome. There are tons of flavors, but my personal favorites are BlueBran and Banana Nut. They come frozen, I leave in out in the morning while I shower and get ready for my day and it is ready to eat! Easy Peasy!

VitaTops by Vitalicious

4) White Finger Starfish. These little wonders are great for decorating, crafts, christmas ornaments, centerpieces, the list could go on forever. My favorite use for them is putting them in my windows. I have a large white finger starfish literally in every window of our home. You can not go wrong. They are simple and timeless and make you feel like you are at a beach house.

White Finger Starfish

5) Coastal Living Magazine. I want to live inside this magazine. They have fabulous chic home decor ideas, great delicious recipies, travel recommendations and ideas, features on fabulous designers, and SO much more. It is a dream of mine to have a home fabulous enough to be featured in Coastal Living, it would be the ultimate honor as far as I am concerned!!

Coastal Living Magazine

Come back soon for Part Two of my Top Ten Favorite Things!

xo Kay


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