The Great Beach Cruiser Debate!

14 Apr

I feel like I need a beach cruiser, some of my favorite brands have made signature beach cruisers, including Lilly Pulitzer and Tommy Bahama, and then today Kate Spade emails me about their new beach cruiser. I think it’s fate and I need to purchase one. Mind you it is a completely inappropriate type of bicycle for where I live, considering I am surrounding my hills and valleys. But I feel like in order to prepare for my future when M and I relocate to the beach it will be a necessary accessory and thus it would only be an investment now. Let’s discuss my options…

The Lilly Pulitzer Beach Cruiser

Really it is the obvious choice. A Van Dessel Cruiser in Lilly’s stuffed shells print. The pink accents are fabulous, and really it’s Lilly, do I need any other information. I feel that at $450 it is actually quite a steal.

Lilly Pulitzer Beach Cruiser
The Tommy Bahama Beach Cruiser
Tommy Bahama threw a wrench into the beach cruiser world by making theirs electric. This puppy can go 40 miles on one battery charge and up to 20 mph. However, I like the idea of actually having to work a little bit to get my bum to the beach although I can see the advantages after a long day in the sun. The fact that it is electric pushes it out of this girls price range, coming in at $2,575.

Tommy Bahama Step-Thru Electric Bike

 Kate Spade Adeline Adeline Bicycle

I just got an email announcing these lovely cruisers today, which it turn has sparked this beach cruiser debate. Available in the fabulous Kate Spade New York Green, it looks like a spectacular ride that would be a classic through the years and it even has a bell. You can’t go wrong. This one is really giving Lilly a run for her money. With a limited amount available at $1100 I don’t think I could convince M of how good this investment would be before all the Kate Spade lovers snatched them up.

Kate Spade Bike

The winner here for me is clear…the Lilly Pulitzer beach cruiser. Color me surprised. With its printed design and affordable price, combined with the fact that I have been pining over it for a while now makes it my #1 in this great debate…now I just need to convince M!
xo Kay

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