SO I have been thinking about monograms alot lately…

17 Apr

As my wedding quickly approaches I am realizing that all of my fabulous monogrammed items are going to be sporting the wrong monogram! I have been considering the most important items that I will need to purchase to start stocking up on items with my new monogram. I have compiled a list on the top 5 items which I will need to be outfitted with my new initials!!

1. Beach bag. An absolute necessity. I usually lean towards the L.L.Bean Boat and Tote with a Zip-Top in Large. Classic and the perfect size! Now I just need to decide if I want the handles and monogram in Pink Berry or Cool Green. Decisions, decisions.

2. Sweaters. I think everyone should have at least one monogrammed sweater, if not one in every color. My current collection is mostly made up of Land’s End crew neck sweaters, but when fall arrives we will have to see which ones strike my fancy.

3. Luggage Tags. This is one item that I actually already purchased and it arrived in the mail yesterday! I believe this is why I am thinking so much about monograms. I purchased these adorable tags from MonogramMarketplace, a shop found on the website etsy, for myself and M. The backside has our address:) Plus they were a steal!

Luggage Tags from MonogramMarketplace

4. Jack Roger Sandals. I need to consider my color options but this is definitely a must have. I am hoping M purchases one as a wedding gift so I can start my collection right away! I am thinking that pink ones would have to be the first since they would match most of my summer wardrobe!

5. Purses and Everyday Totes. Again I lean towards the trusty L.L.Bean Boat and Tote, just in the small size and open top. I also tend to take my vineyard vines totes to get monogrammed. I recently purchased a new VV patchwork tote so maybe I will have to hold off on the monogram until July. For purses and everyday totes I tend to go with a large block letter of my last initial. I think it looks clean and simple for everyday use.
If anyone else would like to add some more ideas of items I will need with my new monogram please let me know, the more the better:) I will be back tomorrow with the part two of My Favorite Things. Enjoy your Sunday evening!
xo Kay

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