These are a few of my Favorite Things…Part Two!

19 Apr

I am back with the second rendition of my favorite things, and I am currently humming the song from The Sound of Music in my mind while typing! I might end up doing a million of these posts over the years because I just love so many fabulous things that I honestly had a tough time narrowing it down, but alas here goes the rest of my top 10!!

6) CUPCAKES! It is honestly an obsession. I have a local cupcake shop called Sugarbelle located in Glastonbury Connecticut that is to die for, Coconut Cupcake? You can’t go wrong! Of course I will try cupcakes from anywhere and I don’t discriminate. It is actually shocking to me that my wedding cake isn’t a cupcake tower. Now that I think about it that will bug me until I call the baker and change it…

Sugarbelle Coconut Cupcake

7) Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Products. In any scent. Honestly once I started using them there was no going back. They clean amazingly, smell delicious, and aren’t harmful for the environment. It also doesn’t hurt that after the wedding I will also be Mrs. Meyer, which may have what initially fueled my obsession!

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All-Purpose Cleaner

8) Lilly Pulitzer. We all knew this was coming and had to be in my top ten! I just love everything about Lilly Pulitzer. I love how her clothes make such a statement, have such class and style, and can be worn in any situation from the beach to a black tie wedding. Lilly Pulitzer is such a style icon. My closet is bursting with the bright colors of Lilly and everyday when I open those closet doors it brings a smile to my face. In my mind, you simply can not go wrong with Lilly Pulitzer.

Lilly Pulitzer Logo

9) Headbands. I wear them for every, and any, occasion. I have a collection of about fifty plus and it is never enough. I have them in every style and color, and I am even wearing a headband for my wedding this summer. I am known by many people simple as “the girl who wears headbands” because I honestly don’t go out without one. Some people collect shoes, I collect headbands!

My Wedding Headband

10) Thank You Notes. There is never a wrong occasion for a thank you note, in fact I recently wrote a thank you not to someone for giving me thank you note cards. My favorite thank you note cards are adorned with a monogram or your name, some of my favorites are from and they are perfect for any occasion. Unlike many other brides I am actually looking forward to writing the thank you notes for my shower and wedding. Seriously. Flat Note Card

I hope you all enjoyed this second addition to my favorite things! This lady is off to bed!

xo Kay

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