I am feeling Nautical….

27 Apr

I have an obsession with Nautical decor. Exhibit 1 would be the large sailboat on my fireplace mantle. I love anchors on anything, seriously anything. I could make an entire post listing all of the items have with anchors on it, but I wouldn’t want to bore you, instead we are going to discuss Nautical Party Decor!

I have taken the Nautical party theme and applied it to my upcoming rehearsal dinner. I personally prefer the Navy Blue and Kelly Green color combination when it comes to Nautical decor, but I also have seen Navy and Red, Navy and Yellow, and Navy and White. All are great combinations, I just love Kelly Green and any excuse to utilize it works for me!

Any good party starts with the basics, and once I had my color scheme. I started planning the linens and tablescapes. Going off of this I decided on a crisp Navy Blue table-cloth with Kelly Green napkins for the linens for my rehearsal dinner. I also love using napkin rings, and when I think nautical, I think of sailor knots. I began searching high and low for sailor knot napkin rings that were reasonably priced. I ended up finding them on preppyprincess.com, which is one of my favorite go to site’s for party supplies, thank you notes, and decor. They were a fabulous buy and I will definitely be able to use them after the wedding for dinner parties so it’s a win-win!

Sailor Knot Napkin Rings from PreppyPrincess.com

Next up on my list was invitations. I am a huge fan of old-fashioned paper invitations and while I see the advantage for the environment to utilize e-vites, I just can’t wrap my head around them. I like something personal and in the mail. I found my anchor nautical invitations on etsy.com. In case you were unaware I have an etsy obsession, I like to utilize other people’s craftiness without actually having to be crafty myself. The shop I purchased these from was Merrymint Designs, they came quickly and are on a fabulous high quality thick cardstock. I love them, and I can’t wait until we send these out!


The last few items I had to work on was the decor. Since the dinner is a buffet I wanted a little something on the buffet table, and I found these small paper anchor cutouts from MommyHolly on etsy. I ordered them in Navy Blue, White, and Kelly Green. They will be featured on the buffet table dispersed among the food options. I also decided on these anchor place cards, I had mine printed in navy blue onto white cardstock for a crisp look. They will be a cute fun way for guests to find their seats!


The last piece to a Nautical Party Decor puzzle are the centerpieces. I am unfortunately at this point not doing centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner, however if I was having this dinner party at home I would have gone with one of two ideas. 1) You can get a low square vase and fill it with white flowers (roses, hydrangeas, peonies, etc) and then hot glue a thick striped ribbon around the vase. In my case it would have been a navy/kelly green ribbon. or 2) Take a model sailboat (like the one I have on my mantle) and use it as a centerpiece. This works well with small sailboats otherwise the sail would block your view of other guests and hinder conversation. And that is never good.

These are just of few of my nautical decor ideas for today. I can not wait until after the big day and I will post picture’s of how my Nautical Rehearsal dinner works out. I will definitely be re-creating it for many future dinner parties! Be back at the end of the week with my Lilly Pulitzer party decor ideas!

xo Kay


2 Responses to “I am feeling Nautical….”

  1. Christie October 12, 2011 at 3:17 am #

    i am also obsessed with anchors glad i am not the only one haha my boyfriend thinks i am nuts cause everything i has has got anchors on them, i am having a nautical 21st and am looking for centre peices any chance you can help with that?

    • preppyhousewife October 18, 2011 at 7:44 pm #

      I would check out places for small wooden sailboats or large rope knots, or if you are thinking flowers I would stick to a low vase of white flowers with navy ribbon adorned with gold anchors. Easy to make at home with craft store supplies!

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