I have been working on the wedding…

12 May

So I have been slacking on my posts. I thought I would update you all on what fabulous items we have completed and purchased lately for our Destination Wedding in Key West!!

First we have completed M’s outfit! Everything from head to toe is brand new! From his Armani aviators down to his Ola’Kai Sandals! His pants and top are from Tommy Bahama and the Groomsmen and our Fathers will match his outfit. Now doesn’t he look handsome:

M in his Wedding Outfit!


I also had my first of two bridal showers. All I have to say is Lilly Theme. Love it. My sister and mom had all Lilly paper goods and also had custom Lilly inspired cupcakes made. I was beyond excited. My mom is going to forward me photos but she is dragging her heels. SO I have pictures of two of my fabulous gifts! First we have a Lilly Pulitzer terry cloth outfit that my sister embellished with “bride” rhinestones. I love it. It will be a little warm for getting ready in, but is definitely being worn on the airplane. Do we hear a first class upgrade for the PreppyHouseWife? I also got this fabulous Kate Spade cake cutting set that say “Mr. and Mrs.”. So cute!

Lilly Pulitzer "bride" Hoodie!


Kate Spade Cake Cutters!

I will post pictures of me in my fabulous outfit and also the great Lilly decor when the PreppyMom gets me those photos!
In unrelated news M and I looked fabulous in our easter outfits. Just sharing:)

Easter Outfits!

Until next time!
xo Kay

One Response to “I have been working on the wedding…”

  1. Sarah May 12, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    Love M’s outfit!!! I looked up the sandals and I love them! I may just have to get D a pair of them for part of his wedding present! He’s been wanting a nice pair of sandals.

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