Endless Summer Sale: Review and Purchases!

23 Aug

Today was the 2011 Endless Summer Sale on Lilly’s webpage and also at many of the via stores online. It was an early morning for me but was amazingly worth it as I scored some fabulous steals and deals.

First of all I have to say that this year there was amazing improvements on the capabilities of lillypulitzer.com. Last year there were frustrations with the site crashing and with items being ordered and it never going through, there were also issues with via stores, specifically In The Pink. Shipments were delayed and cancelled, although I personally had good luck there were frustrations all around! This year however there was amazing access, the site was quick and easy, and check-outs were a breeze! Great job to the IT people over at Lilly for a great success!

From the fabulous vis store The Pink Pelican I was able to pick up a great deal on the Whitaker Dress in Lagoon Green Summer Nights for only $99! And free shipping, plus with CT tax-free week it was tax-free as well. An amazing deal, and is definitely going to be worn at a September wedding we have coming up. Can’t wait to wear this piece!

Whitaker Dress in Lagoon Green Summer Nights

After scoring a great deal at The Pink Pelican the sale site on Lilly’s webpage finally opened around 8:30am and I got to work! I scooped up three dresses and a wrap for $200. There were amazing steals! The first dress I purchased was the Jillie Dress Chiffon in Daiquiri Pink, originally $328 dollars and marked down to $39. I almost bought one in every color at that amazing price! This is another dress I am setting aside for a November wedding! I can’t wait to see how this fits and the gold detailing up close!

Jillie Dress Chiffon

The next dress I purchased is one that I had tried on before in a different print, and I fell in love with the cut. It is a perfect dress for fall! I love the cinched waist and large loose collar, and the print in Multi Sea Me is 100% adorable. Only $59!

Harlow Dress CDC

The final dress I purchased seems like an adorable addition to my collection. Not as colorful as some of the other pieces in my closet, but I hold a spot in my heart for Navy. The gold button details on this Finn Shift Ponte in True Navy complete the look. When paired with my gold Resort Chic Wedge this will be an adorable twist on a nautical look. Only $64!

Finn Shift Ponte

The last item I purchased this morning was an adorable printed Katia Knit Wrap which I featured in my must haves from the summer 2011 collection earlier this year. I hadn’t purchased this yet so I was happy to find this beauty in the Cherry Limeade Begonias print for only $49. I can not wait to pair this with a pink or white pink with blue jeans this fall! 

Katia Knit Wrap

There were amazing deals to be had, and if money was unlimited I would have done some serious damage. Overall I am extremely pleased with this summers sale, the improvements made were amazing and didn’t go un-noticed by Lilly lovers everywhere. I will be waiting patiently by the door for my packages to arrive later this week! How did everyone else do with the sales today? I can’t wait to hear what everyone’s reactions are!! Hope we all had a successful end of summer sale!

xo Kay


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