Wellies and Irene

31 Aug

Up in the Northeast we had a little encounter with Hurricane Irene last weekend. She busted in and literally washed out my weekend. There was severe flooding in my area, but we are very thankful that M and I are both safe and our house sustained very little damage. Considering our street looked like this:

Our Street

 We feel very lucky.

So in the spirit of having to canoe in the front yard a friend suggested I do a post on some of the amazing preppy wellies that are available. I did some research and found some amazing options out there! First are the fabulous wellies M bought me for Christmas last year. They are the Kate Spade Randi Rain Boot. M bought mine in black with a hot pink interior, but they were also available in Hot Pink and Beige. I LOVE LOVE the bow accent and the fact that they have a slight two-inch heel. Keeps my feet dry and makes me a little bit taller. This PreppyHouseWife loves to wear her wellies!

Kate Spade Randi Rain Boot

The classic rain boot and a personal favorite is definitely the Hunter “original tall” rain boot. They come in so many colors you can’t go wrong. The ability to add fleece sock liners to make these also a cold weather boot makes them extremely versatile, and once I saw them in High Gloss Fuchsia I was sold!

Hunter "original tall" Rain Boot in High Gloss Fuchsia

Another classic  rain boot is the Burberry Rain Boot. The Check Rain Boot is made with the classic Burberry check pattern and are perfect for working professionals. I coveted these boots in college, but now I prefer the bold statements you can make with other wellies:)

Burberry Check Rain Boot

The wellies I found and LOVED were by Sperry Top-Sider. A personal favorite when I am purchasing boat shoes, they also make some fabulous wellies that are perfect for wet weather! Not to mention when you add a nautical twist with the Signal Flag print it makes me incredibly happy!

Sperry Pelican Tall Boot in Signal Flag

Hopefully the river subsides and wellies will no longer be a daily fashion statement up in Connecticut but simply a once in a while addition to my outfits for rainy days! Check back this weekend for Maine vacation pictures and the recipe for Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles!

xo Kay


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