12 Sep

Yeah that was a bad title. I am aware. But really I love Maine. We usually take tons of pictures but this year I was pretty lame with the camera, I admit. I did get some amazing shots of the sunsets and lighthouse though.

We stayed at a friend’s lake house on Sebago. The sunsets are amazing! Here is my favorite shot:

M fishing on the Dock

After a few amazing days at the Lake fishing, swimming, sunning, and reading we had to head home. M and I decided to take the long way home and drive home along the coast of Maine. We drove through Portland, had lunch in Old Port, then hit Cape Elizabeth and Kennebunkport. Cape Elizabeth is home to the most photographed lighthouses in the USA (someone told me this and I am taking it as fact) so naturally we stopped to take pictures!

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

PreppyHouseWife at the Lighthouse

It was beautiful in Cape Elizabeth. If it didn’t snow there 8 months out of the year I would consider living there. But the adorable shingle sided beachy homes were exactly what I want in our someday dream home:) It was a great vacation and I can’t wait to go again next year!



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