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Honeymoon Photo Session? Yes Please!

28 Mar

My husband loves me. Really really loves me. How do I know? He puts up with me planning professional photo sessions at every turn. And only complains a little.

Our honeymoon in Belize was no different, obviously. And M only require one cocktail mid session to get through it (hence the photo of me. by myself. on my honeymoon.)! I debated over our outfits for weeks. Dressy? Casual? Bright? In the end I made last minute decisions of casual and nautical-esque and I LOVE LOVE the turnout. My dress is the Cassie dress (by Lilly) in navy stripe accented by the fit to be tied belt (also by Lilly), and an old pair of J.Crew flip flops. M’s shirt is an SPF fishing shirt by Montauk Tackle (cause I know my readers care about mens fashion?).

Anyways, I just wanted to share some of the fabulous pics!

Can I just say that I love the above photo because I look ridiculously┬áridiculously tan! Is that wrong? Carry on with the photos…

Ahh there are so many more, but I know no one is interested in looking at a million photos of M and I. FYI I loved Belize. And the Victoria House where we stayed and where these photos were taken. And Jose Luis Zapata for being a fabulous photographer. And my husband for being a good sport.

xo Kay


Please allow me to introduce myself!

13 Apr

My name is Kay and off the bat I have one (tiny!) confession to make as I introduce myself, I am not yet a housewife. Actually for the next 87 days I am not even a wife! One thing I am, however, is a prep and almost housewife. My Fiance M and I live in suburban Connecticut as I plan our preppy destination wedding in Key West. I will admit that most of my fabulous preppy finds will be wedding related for the next three months. I promise it won’t be forever and I will move on, I need something to get myself over the inevitable post wedding blues!

My favorite things in life (other than M obviously!) are Lilly Pulitzer dresses, flip flops, and decorating our home as a beach house even though we live on a river and not a beach. It pains me everyday that we live on a river and not on a beach, and I will probably mention this often. For this I apologize in advance, but this preppy (almost!) house wife is seriously pining for a re-location closer to the shore!

That’s all the intro time I have for today, but rest assured I will return with some fabulous preppy finds shortly.

xo Kay