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Lilly Spring 2012 is Here!

10 Feb

Lilly released their 2012 Spring line in late January and I was NOT disappointed! I was happy to see some great nautical striped prints as well as some great bright-colored basics. This was yet another season where it proved difficult to narrow down the selections to my top 5, but after two weeks of pondering (seriously) I have picked the following winners as PreppyHouseWife’s top 5 items from the spring line.

1. Dress to Impress Clutch in Resort White Mariposa. I love everything about this purse and this is definitely my favorite floral print from this season, hands down. The bamboo handles add a little Key West style that I love, and I am always looking for a great printed clutch for date night. My tried and true CK Bradley printed clutch, which has been showing lots of wear and tear, may be replaced this season!

Dress to Impress Clutch

 2. Felicity Dress in Resort White Lady Like Stripe. Hands down the #1 item this spring and those who don’t pre-order will probably miss out. It won’t be available to ship until mid April, but let’s be real I live in CT I prob won’t be wearing a strapless dress before April. The sweetheart neckline is hugely flattering in my opinion, and there is smocking in the back. Not to mention the STRIPES! Ahh we all know I love anything with nautical flair and this dress does not disappoint. Also machine wash!

Felicity Dress

 3. Mimosa Skirt in Worth Blue Swizzle Stripe. More stripes. I can’t handle it. This skirt is also available in Azalea Pink Swizzle Stripe but the blue won out by a hair. If my husband would let me I would buy both. It appears to have the same cut as the cissy skirt I purchased from resort 2012, but with a shorter hem! Perfect since I am usually getting most items hemmed anyway since I am only 5 foot 2. In love.

Mimosa Skirt

4. Worth Straight Jean in Azalea Pink. And Jade Green. And Ginger Orange. These bright jeans are delighting me to death. With stretch denim they will fit all sizes, and to be able to wear obnoxiously bright jeans is one opportunity I won’t pass down. These look like they will become a staple in the PreppyHouseWife home!

Worth Straight Jean

 5. Somerset Dress in Hotty Pink. This dress has the same cut as resorts very popular cassie dress, but with fabulous ruffled sleeves. I am a huge fan of ruffles. Like the cassie I see this as being extremely versatile, can go from beach cover up casual, then when paired with my Fit to Be Tied belt in gold and the resort chic wedge, it can also be perfection for date night. I love items with multiple uses!

Somerset Dress

 Overall I am very impressed with this seasons line! I am also secretly hoping that they will come out with clothing items in the U Gotta Regatta sailboat print later this season that is currently only being shown on the market bag. When asking Lilly’s facebook page about the possibility, they said “maybee;)” so I am hopeful! To round out this season, or for summer to feature sailboat prints I will be beyond excited!! Once again, great job Lilly!

xo Kay


What I Have Been Wearing this Winter…

5 Feb

I have picked up quite a few cute new winter items in the past few weeks and I really felt like I have had great luck with deals lately!

Starting with Christmas, M got me some great wardrobe staple sweaters from Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines. He got me this Navy cable knit from Lilly (can never have too much cable knit) and this pink v-neck from Vineyard Vines.  Both are classic staples and are great for everyday wear.

I have also been searching for some more cold weather gear, and I originally had my heart set on finding a Kelly Green wool coat. This proved to be impossible. I searched high and low, and to no avail. Kelly Green does not exist in coats this season. I decided to drop my color obsession and just move on. I ended up finding this fabulous grey wool jacket at Lord and Taylor for 40% off and it is so adorable! I have recieved so many compliments on it already! Paired with a bright Lilly Murfee scarf it was the perfect choice!

I was additionally looking for more casual outerwear and got my wish when Vineyard Vines began to host an additional 30% off any item in their “whale of a sale”. I purchased the Old Porter Puffer Vest in confetti pink as well as this adorable whale hat to match. Both items with the 30% off ended up being less than $100 total for the purchase!

I am already imagining pairing this vest with my navy cable knit sweater, skinny jeans, and my JCrew high camel boots as a perfect weekend outfit!

I will be back this week with the new Lilly Spring 2012 line favorite picks and a review of my recent trip to Belize!!

xo Kay

Wellies and Irene

31 Aug

Up in the Northeast we had a little encounter with Hurricane Irene last weekend. She busted in and literally washed out my weekend. There was severe flooding in my area, but we are very thankful that M and I are both safe and our house sustained very little damage. Considering our street looked like this:

Our Street

 We feel very lucky.

So in the spirit of having to canoe in the front yard a friend suggested I do a post on some of the amazing preppy wellies that are available. I did some research and found some amazing options out there! First are the fabulous wellies M bought me for Christmas last year. They are the Kate Spade Randi Rain Boot. M bought mine in black with a hot pink interior, but they were also available in Hot Pink and Beige. I LOVE LOVE the bow accent and the fact that they have a slight two-inch heel. Keeps my feet dry and makes me a little bit taller. This PreppyHouseWife loves to wear her wellies!

Kate Spade Randi Rain Boot

The classic rain boot and a personal favorite is definitely the Hunter “original tall” rain boot. They come in so many colors you can’t go wrong. The ability to add fleece sock liners to make these also a cold weather boot makes them extremely versatile, and once I saw them in High Gloss Fuchsia I was sold!

Hunter "original tall" Rain Boot in High Gloss Fuchsia

Another classic  rain boot is the Burberry Rain Boot. The Check Rain Boot is made with the classic Burberry check pattern and are perfect for working professionals. I coveted these boots in college, but now I prefer the bold statements you can make with other wellies:)

Burberry Check Rain Boot

The wellies I found and LOVED were by Sperry Top-Sider. A personal favorite when I am purchasing boat shoes, they also make some fabulous wellies that are perfect for wet weather! Not to mention when you add a nautical twist with the Signal Flag print it makes me incredibly happy!

Sperry Pelican Tall Boot in Signal Flag

Hopefully the river subsides and wellies will no longer be a daily fashion statement up in Connecticut but simply a once in a while addition to my outfits for rainy days! Check back this weekend for Maine vacation pictures and the recipe for Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles!

xo Kay

Endless Summer Sale: Review and Purchases!

23 Aug

Today was the 2011 Endless Summer Sale on Lilly’s webpage and also at many of the via stores online. It was an early morning for me but was amazingly worth it as I scored some fabulous steals and deals.

First of all I have to say that this year there was amazing improvements on the capabilities of lillypulitzer.com. Last year there were frustrations with the site crashing and with items being ordered and it never going through, there were also issues with via stores, specifically In The Pink. Shipments were delayed and cancelled, although I personally had good luck there were frustrations all around! This year however there was amazing access, the site was quick and easy, and check-outs were a breeze! Great job to the IT people over at Lilly for a great success!

From the fabulous vis store The Pink Pelican I was able to pick up a great deal on the Whitaker Dress in Lagoon Green Summer Nights for only $99! And free shipping, plus with CT tax-free week it was tax-free as well. An amazing deal, and is definitely going to be worn at a September wedding we have coming up. Can’t wait to wear this piece!

Whitaker Dress in Lagoon Green Summer Nights

After scoring a great deal at The Pink Pelican the sale site on Lilly’s webpage finally opened around 8:30am and I got to work! I scooped up three dresses and a wrap for $200. There were amazing steals! The first dress I purchased was the Jillie Dress Chiffon in Daiquiri Pink, originally $328 dollars and marked down to $39. I almost bought one in every color at that amazing price! This is another dress I am setting aside for a November wedding! I can’t wait to see how this fits and the gold detailing up close!

Jillie Dress Chiffon

The next dress I purchased is one that I had tried on before in a different print, and I fell in love with the cut. It is a perfect dress for fall! I love the cinched waist and large loose collar, and the print in Multi Sea Me is 100% adorable. Only $59!

Harlow Dress CDC

The final dress I purchased seems like an adorable addition to my collection. Not as colorful as some of the other pieces in my closet, but I hold a spot in my heart for Navy. The gold button details on this Finn Shift Ponte in True Navy complete the look. When paired with my gold Resort Chic Wedge this will be an adorable twist on a nautical look. Only $64!

Finn Shift Ponte

The last item I purchased this morning was an adorable printed Katia Knit Wrap which I featured in my must haves from the summer 2011 collection earlier this year. I hadn’t purchased this yet so I was happy to find this beauty in the Cherry Limeade Begonias print for only $49. I can not wait to pair this with a pink or white pink with blue jeans this fall! 

Katia Knit Wrap

There were amazing deals to be had, and if money was unlimited I would have done some serious damage. Overall I am extremely pleased with this summers sale, the improvements made were amazing and didn’t go un-noticed by Lilly lovers everywhere. I will be waiting patiently by the door for my packages to arrive later this week! How did everyone else do with the sales today? I can’t wait to hear what everyone’s reactions are!! Hope we all had a successful end of summer sale!

xo Kay

Long Drive Home…

22 Aug

M and I are headed home from our long weekend in Maine. I will be back tomorrow to post some gorgeous sunset and lighthouse pictures I got, but I just wanted to post about how excited I am about the endless summer Lilly sale that starts at midnight. So many of my favorite via shops are already posting about some of their great incentives. The Pink Pelican is having free shipping, free gift for orders over $100, in addition to having items being 30-70% off. Fabulous. Last year for this sale the Lilly Pulitzer webpage had some unfortunate technical difficulties but they have re-vamped their site recently and I have faith that it will work this year! I have my list of must have’s ready to go, so excited for midnight! Now back to entertaining M while he drives us home!

Xo Kay

Bargain Shopping!

18 Aug

I have been searching out some preppy bargains this week and have had some great luck on a few different sites! First there was a Lilly sale on RueLaLa last friday and I received my shipment today! I ordered the “Norma” Hotty Pink Stripe Wrap for only  $39.90 and the original price was $108! We are heading to Maine for a long weekend tomorrow so this will be perfect for chilly nights out on the lake! Love the color too, can’t go wrong with Hotty Pink!!

Norma Hotty Pink Stripe Wrap

I also decided to check out the sale section at PotteryBarn.com and found a couple of cute items for the hubby and myself. M is constantly piling up junk on his dresser so I have been looking for a nice leather valet for him for some time and I found a great one! I purchased the Colby Leather Valet, usually $39 but on special for $29! I had to get it monogrammed and that was $7 but still under the regular price, I can’t wait for it to arrive! M will love it! Also I couldn’t purchase just one thing on PotteryBarn.com so I also got the adorable Terry Cosmetic Bag, which was a very reasonable $19. Plus another $7 for monogram, which I clearly needed and had done in pink! I can’t wait for these to arrive next week:)

Colby Leather Valet


Terry Cosmetic Bag

I have also been a regular poster on the amazing facebook group Re-Lilly for some time now. It is a phenomenal site where Lilly lovers everywhere can sell and purchase their Lilly items. I have been selling older items that are too big or I just don’t wear anymore and have had great success. Then last week I saw a dress listed that I should have bought years ago when it was originally for sale and jumped at the chance to buy it! I purchased this amazing silk wrap dress for just $54 dollars, shipping included! Can not say enough amazing things about Re-Lilly, all Lilly lovers should certainly check them out! This Lemon wrap dress will be a perfect addition to my collection!

Lemon Wrap Dress

SO many great bargains on amazingly cute preppy items are out there and I will continue to share them with you as I find them! Off to Maine tomorrow for a long weekend on Sebago Lake, I will post trip pictures next week!


Lilly Fall Line is Finally Here!

13 Aug

A few weeks ago Lilly Pulitzer unveiled its amazing new fall line. I for one love it, and even though I will hold onto summer for as long as humanly possible I might be okay will the arrival of fall weather if I can slip into a few of these pieces that are going to be featured. It is always tough to pick out my favorite items, as I usually want everything. Apparently M won’t okay a budget where I can buy every item I want so I have whittled it down to my top 5 picks for Fall!

1) Kelsi Dress in Pink Tomato Standing Ovation. I love that this dress combines two different prints, and the smocking at the waistline looks like it would be incredibly flattering in the middle. Love it!

Kelsi Dress

2) Biaocchi Pant. Now usually I am only into fun colors but these beautifully tailored pants look amazingly slimming, and with the slight stretch they will be flattering on any shape. Paired with bright shoes and a fun top these pants will be perfect for a cool fall night out on the town!

Biaocchi Pant

3) Resort Chic Wedge Suede in Jewel Green. I love love the resort chic wedge, I have the gold one’s from the resort line and they are one of my most favorite pair of shoes I have ever owned. This new twist on the resort wedge comes in suede in an amazing green color, and with the shiny gold lilly button to complete the look I am sold!

Resort Chic Wedge Suede

4) Jodi Sweater in True Navy Bow Colorblock. The short sleeve sweater carries us into fall when we are fighting for summer not to end. Not quite ready for long sleeves, but needing a little warmth. Plus I love anything adorned with a bow!

Jodi Sweater

5) Christy Shirtdress in Starry Blue Conductor Stripe. This dress is perfect for multiple settings, a dinner out, working, or just hanging out with friends. Dressed up with tights or dressed down with flip-flops this dress will get a lot of use from this PreppyHouseWife:)

Christy Shirtdress

 That is all for today, after writing this I can feel the local Lilly shop calling my name…